Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yesterday my best friend, Ines, and me have been to her favourite club, because there was an 80ies night. I admit, our clothes haven't been very 80ies style but I wanted to blog about my dress scince I got it, so, there you go.

T-shirt-dress: DIY army shop;
leggings: C&A;

dress: Topshop
knee highs and striped shirt: H&M
heels: Tally Waijl

You will probably hate me, knowing I've got Tally Waijl heels, but, I promise, they're fabulous! They look awsome (you can't see that in the pictures, you'll just have to trust me), and they don't hurt that much, above that they only cost 25€, which makes them even better.
I need to apologize for the stupid faces, but it wasn't very bright, so we couldn't really see what our faces looked like on my teeny tiny camera (plus it's only a normal digital camera, it doesn't have SLR).

All pictures by me, copyright reserved for Ghost of Fashion.

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