Monday, January 25, 2010

I know, I'm no good.

Sorry for the lack of posting. But I didn't really have the time/energy to take pictures of me (though I have a fabulous new cape). I am a very lucky girl, because apparently vice took a picture of me last weekend and I was wearing the most amazing piece of clothing I own. It's my beer-shirt. It's not called beer-shirt because someone spilled beer all over it, but because of it's beer bottle print. It formerly belonged to my mum, but somehow she didn't want it anymore, to my excitement, because I love it! Also, thanks to the picture, I knwo how my hair looks from behind (no, I never really cared).

Picture via

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chains, chains, chains and fingers (Tutorial)

This evening I felt the demanding urge to DO something. It wouldn't really matter what. But I was too lazy to get my sewing machine out and search through my fabrics. I was lucky and found some chains lying on my floor and decided to make one of these:

It was pretty easy. All supplies you need are these:

Chains, Jumprings, Pliers
Got them? Great.
1. First measure around your middle finger with the chain and cut. Do the same with your wrist and the space between your finger and wrist. You should have 3 chains.
2. Make a ring for your finger with a jumpring and a wristband (with a jumpring, duh!) with the other chain.
3. Connect the middle-chain to the jumpring on the wristband and the ring.
4. Cut two equal-long chains. They should be a tiny bit longer than the middle chain.
5. Connect them to the jumpring of your ring.
6. Take 2 more jumprings and connect them about 2 cm away from the jumpring on your wristband. Now connect each one of the chains each with one of the jumprings you just connected to the wristband.
7. Congratulations, you're done!

xx Ghost of Fashion

All pictures by me, copyright reserved for Ghost of Fashion.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sometimes I sleep in my bathtub.

Jacket and T-shirt: H&M;
Treggings: Jacuzzi, Berlin;
Garter and Wristband: Ghost of Fahion;
Sunglasses: Vintage

Today, me and 5 of my friends went shopping. I came across this H&M faux fur jacket for 9€ and bought it imideatly! I also wore a mens shirt, size XL bought at H&M with suspenders from London (yes, you can clip suspenders on a shirt!). We didn't have much succsess at our shopping tour, because, for me the jacket was the only thing I bought. At least, I have something to wear on friday, my only worry is what to wear underneath.

xx Ghost of Fahion.

All pictures by me, copyright reserved for Ghost of Fashion.

PS.: Cocorosa seems to have the same jacket!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Papercut dress

Anglomania by Jonny Storey via Fashion Victims.

How amazing is that? I'd like to try it myself, but I suck at papercuts.
For now I need to live with this:

Picture by me, copyright reserved for Ghost of Fashion.

But that's not what I wanted to post about, I just came across it on the mighty Internet. I wanted to blog about fancy underwear. Yesterday my best friend was so heartshattered that I told her about the Agent Provocateur sale. We always go to Agent Provocateur sales if we don't feel good (90% of the time). I bought a black tulle bra, but it doesn't exist on their page anymore. Just this one, which is very similar:

At APs last summer sale I bought the brief in blue. I want it in black now! But they don't have it anymore. Not in the shop or on the website! I'm going to die!
Today I bought a set made from a very beautiful lace and stockings with bows on the back at Palmers.
If you're ever sad or heartbroken or something like that: Buying expensive lingere helps!

xxx Ghost of Fashion

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year New Blog

On New Year's my band was playing and it was hell of a party. But that is not the interesting part for now. The interesting part is what we wore. And what we wore, was made by me!
Everything was selfmade (except for the thights and the shoes). I made all the shoulder-pads, the t-shirts (except for the Madonna-Shirt) and I made those awsome feather skirts. Making the skirts is pretty easy, it's just very exhausting, because feathers are as evil as Daleks! I also made a feather headband but somehow we forgot about that. Anwways, our next show is in March (in Vienna).

xxx, Ghost of Fashion

All pictures by Oliver Capuder, copyright reserved for Oliver Capuder.