Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Papercut dress

Anglomania by Jonny Storey via Fashion Victims.

How amazing is that? I'd like to try it myself, but I suck at papercuts.
For now I need to live with this:

Picture by me, copyright reserved for Ghost of Fashion.

But that's not what I wanted to post about, I just came across it on the mighty Internet. I wanted to blog about fancy underwear. Yesterday my best friend was so heartshattered that I told her about the Agent Provocateur sale. We always go to Agent Provocateur sales if we don't feel good (90% of the time). I bought a black tulle bra, but it doesn't exist on their page anymore. Just this one, which is very similar:

At APs last summer sale I bought the brief in blue. I want it in black now! But they don't have it anymore. Not in the shop or on the website! I'm going to die!
Today I bought a set made from a very beautiful lace and stockings with bows on the back at Palmers.
If you're ever sad or heartbroken or something like that: Buying expensive lingere helps!

xxx Ghost of Fashion

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