Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why black and white?

This is mainly my outfit from our Univeristy's fashionshow. I made the skirt, the poncho, the hat, and the shoes she's not wearing. The shirt is made by Esther Knoll, and the b/w shoes by Isolde Mayer.
Somehow I made a lot Black and white stuff this semester, which is weird because I am a very colourful person.

By the way, making that poncho was a bitch!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's a fucking castle!

That's the back and garden of my University and it's only red bench. It's where Maria Theresia used to go when she didn't want to stay in Schönbrunn. It was some sort of Hunting castle or something like that. Now it's a fashion school and Univeristy.
This post is sort of an introduction to the next one coming. The next one will be about our fashion show that took part about two weeks ago. That's actually why I didn't post in the past month. To. Much. Stress. Our fashion show was not held in our castle though, but in St. Marx. BUT the schools fashion show did take place in a huge tent in our garden. (Don't ask me why they put up a tent!)
My next post will involve my knitwear jacket and the shoes I made this semester.