Thursday, August 5, 2010

Romping at MQ

T-Shirt: Black Book for H&M
Jeans Shorts: DIY
Hat: Vintage
Glasses: Ray Ban
Sandals: Fendi

Laura took some pictures off me romping around at Museumsquatier a few weeks ago. I completly forgot this happened until she showed me these pictures yesterday. I find them quite amusing and wanted to share them with you. The outfit is nothing spectacular, but I hope you like the pictures anyways. That's the real me, that's how everyone knows me. Dalia - the girl that starts laughing so hard she has to lay on the floor to prevent falling down. I thought you should get the chance to see me like that too.


I found these two brothers recently on Youtube and I abolutely love their songs and covers. Please give them a chance and watch the video. The song is really great and sad and melancholic (and I shouldn't write posts when I oughtto be fast asleep) and I hope you love it as much as I do. Go to their facebook page or their homepage if you liked the video.
Unfortunately I can't see them live unless they get famous. That's because while I sit in boring old Vienna they live a fabulous life in Doublin (I think it's Doublin, don't be mad if I'm wrong. It's one of those english-speaking city I'm sure)!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Karaoes 80ies Prom

These are 2 faboulus pictures by my dear friend Martina Lajczak, who took pictures of me and The Karaokes before. Check her new blog! She takes such beautiful pictures.
(I'm the blonde spot with the hat in the middle.)

All pictures by Martina Lajczak. Copyright reserved for Martina Lajczak.