Monday, March 29, 2010

Summer again!

dress, Leggings: Primark
Shoes: Doc Martens
Harness: Shop at Camden I can't remember
Trench: H&M
Bag: Second Hand Girl Scouts bag
Sunglasses: Gift from my mum
Pink Bottle: Dreh und Drink

Sorry for the lack of posting, guys, but I've been a very very busy girl. I had my FIRST FASHION SHOW ever! It was amazing! But more about that in another post (I didn't get the pictures yet).
Anyways, it has been very sunny and warm last week, so my friends and I decided to take a trip to the "hot spot" in Vienna - the Museumsquartier. The Green Fairy, a dear friend of mine played around with my camera and actually took some nice pictures of me.
As you may have noticed I'm not one of those picture - girls, I just don't look good on them that often (which doesn't stop me from posting them).
Nevertheless, I wish it was that sunny right now!

All pictures by me, copyright reserved for Ghost of Fashion.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wrap it, bitch!

shirt and overknees: H&M
thights: Primark
cardigan worn as skirt: Springfield
scarf worn as skirt: gift from mum
skirt: American Apperal

A few days back I searched through my closet, and found an old cardigan I never wear and wrapped it around my ass somehow. I decided it looked awsome. Then I saw a scarf my mum gave me for christmas, lying around and I thought, why not wrap that around too? I ended up wearing a skirt, a cardigan and the scarf as one skirt. I like to play around with my clothes, finding new combinations and ways to wear them. I'm definitly going to try that again!

All pictures by me, copyright reserved for Ghost of Fashion.

Private Vintage Sale

Today I received a Facebook event invite to a Private Vintage Sale. They're talking about free drinks, jeans from 5€ and T-shirts from 1€. Also they are talking about "chloe, fred perry, paul smith, raf simons, comme des garcons by h&m, stella mc cartney by h&m, diesel, american apparel, levis, gsus, thommy hilfiger,sisley, zara, h&m, and many more". Sounds quite interesting.
It's this thursday 6pm to 11pm at Märzstraße 7 (in Vienna of course).
Plus I was invited by Karawane, an Vienna-based Desinger collective of four women. These are some of their designs.

All pictures by Karawane, found on Facebook fanpage.

Burberry DIY skirt at Anywho (tutorial)

I found this amazing tutorial at Here's the link.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010/A Tribute

I don't think it's neccesary to say anything. We all know, he was a genius. He was one of the most talented and skilled fashion designers and I guess he had great people behind him, otherwhise it wouldn't be possible to produce one (nearly) perfect collection after the other.

Here are some of my favourite McQueen looks throughout his career:

Fall 2005

Spring 2006

Fall 2007

Spring 2009

Pre-Fall 2009

Fall 2010

All pictures found on