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Remeber when I made a course at Central Saint Martins College last summer? I met a bunch of very cool people there. I am still friends with a bunch of them and I miss the crowd and they're all amazing. Remeber my friend Markus and his label Raspberry Cheesecake? Well, he's not the only young lad to launch his own label.
My favourite from th CSM crowd (I probably souldn't say that, but why lie?), Roberi Parra just finished his second collection. Both for men and women. And let me tell you, I lurve it!
If you're interested in his first collection, you can have a look at it here, where you can also see the rest of his spring/summer 12, called #11827. But I'd advise you to watch the video to #11827. It transtlates the feeling of the collection perfectly.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I give you me in oceans of tears up to my knees

This is my room. That's where I have been living for 10 years now. It has changed so much over the past years and still somehow always remained the same. It's a mess. It's always a mess.
I have been very melancholic, if not to say sad, the past weeks and I have to stop myself from doing that. I think my room has a big role in my moods. Like, for example, a couple of months ago I cleaned it up so perfectly and I was so happy and proud of myself, but at the same time, it didn't quite feel the same. I literally couldn't find my stuff anymore and got really mad at myslef and everyone. And now, my room is like half cleaned up and I feel nearly perfect. Maybe the fact that I am listening to Bon Iver isn't helping but I just watched Crazy, Stupid, Love and I dunno, I always get really really sad after watching romantic comedies, though I also feel rather normal at the same time.
I probably don't make any sense right now, but just know: This is my room. This is where I live. This is where I work and how I work. This is where the magic happens.

These tights are older than your grandma!

I own this pair of tights for as long as I can remember. I remember always being too tiny for them. They would just be very loose and now, that I am finally what they call "grown up", they are too small for me. But you don't get tights in that quality anymore.
So I just cut off the legs and I'm gonna sew some elastic band on them and I'll have asymmetrical overknees. So if you have a pair of really good tights lying around somewhere that don't fit anymore, you know what to do with 'em.

I was organizing all my tights today and got rid of the really damaged ones and the ones I really didn't wear anymore. Now I own about 40 to 45, maybe 50 pairs. I AM SICK! I TELL YA!

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