Saturday, March 16, 2013

I went to Egypt again!

This year my family and I went to Cairo and Alexandria. I ate so much of my favourite food that I was sick for a week. Imagine a bowl of soup made for 15 people and me eating three quaters of it. It was worth the pain.

On our way to Alexandria we stopped at a koptic tempel where monks make olive oil and cheese and furniture. Because my family is crazy we bought 8 liters of olive oil and another liter for me seperately because I live in a different country and also need olive oil.
This time we didn't do as many crazy purchases as all the other times. We bought 12 identical rings, 8 meters of fabric (which makes sense because I need that) and I think that's pretty much it. My mum wanted to buy me a table with spongebob on it so it'd go with my bag, but then she forgot about it.

I've also been to an underground party with young people for the first time ever in Egypt. We drank some sort of Whiskey and egyptian Stella beer.

Oh yeah and fresh mangojuice!

(Yeah I only go to Egypt to eat and buy stuff, deal with it.)

Now I'm hungry.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fun with Illustrator

My friend and I designed some crazy ass bookcovers for Shakespeare's Macbeth. My friend is awsome. See her illustrations and stuff here.

©Dalia von Wegen & Laura Edelbacher

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Schafskäse postponed

We had to delay the vernissage (and the beginning, duh) of our exhibition for a week. All is fine and well, but we want your ass at our vernissage.

Vernissage: 14th February 7pm

Poster by Marc André Offenhammer

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Schafskäse serr weisss in Türkiye

The Arakolektif (I talked about it before) are having an exhibition, starting next week. If you are in Istanbul, you should come and if you know someone in Istanbul you should tell them to come, because we do cool art and stuff.

The exhibition will take place at Kooperatif (adress on the flyer).

Vernissage: Thursday 7th of February 7pm

opening hours: 1pm to 2am (exhibition from February 7th till March 8th)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dalia von Wegen LookBook SS13


I'm still alive you guys! And I still live in Istanbul! And I'm still doing fashionz! Yeah, so, erm, this is what I've done this semester (well, in two weeks, because I haven't really been doing much fashion). There's not much to say, except maybe: GANZKÖRPERKONDOM! Do with it what you will. If you want something, you know how to reach me. 

(It's more costume design really.)