Saturday, November 24, 2012


Tomorrow is the first apperance of Ara Kolektif in public. We worked on two performances. I am in the costume-performance group, sadly I have no idea what'll happen within the other performance because I was so consumed by the costumes. (I heard it'll be great and I trust these people.)

Altogether we worked on four costumes, I made the two you see above. The prupose of the costumes is that you should move differently in them due to the costumes limiting certain parts of your body. The top, for example, makes it nearly impossible to use your hands and you're always stepping on your sleeves. The pants (which I'm wearing as an overall (nobody uses that word anymore, why is that?)) are so long that it's very hard to walk and they will always get loose. Additionaly we have a hat that's so heavy your head falls to the side and a collar that makes you look up all the time.

We're going to wear the costumes at Contemporary Istanbul tomorrow.

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