Thursday, September 13, 2012

I kinda moved to Istanbul

Before I left Vienna for good I got a new Tatoo on my arm (the same arm as my first Tatoo). "Rainbows wept colour all over the streets", google it if you don't know. I arrived yesterday evening and the first thing I did after checking in my hostel was FOOD. The waiter gave me some tea for free after I ate. I think people here just do that. You can also have free tea all day at my hostel (and coffee but why drink coffee when you can have tea?). Istanbul smells like Cairo in some parts. I got lost today. On purpose. I went to a part of the city without any tourists, where everything is really cheap and real. Little children were playing football on the streets, chasing kittens and going downhill sitting on a skateboard (that looked very very very old). I went by a café with only men sitting inside. 
When I got hungry I went  into a bakery and ate some Börek and had a conversation with the owner. In turkish. He taught me a few things and I taught him 1 to 10 in english (and arabic). He laughed when I accidentaly said No in arabic instead of turkish at one point. I paid one Lira for the Börek and some peachjuice. That's not even 50 Cent (this is not a Hip-Hop reference, or is it?). I think he told me to come again, but I didn't understand everything he told me. 
My Hostel is playing M.I.A. right now. It's awsome here. 
After I got lost on purpose I went to the Bosporus and had a Dürüm, which I'm not supposed to eat, because I tend to puke after eating it. I haven't turned my insides out yet, I'm hoping I won't after all. At the Bosporus people are fishing. And there is a man selling grilled fish in Pide. But I already had food. I might get a fishpide for dinner. It was literally from the water on the grill. It smelled so good. I went by my University later. It's the building site in the pictures. University is supposed to start in three weeks. I dunno about that! Well, whatever I just want to knit and do stuff.

Can you believe it? I live in Istanbul.