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Sunday, November 27, 2011

There's a Monster on my t-shirt and I dunno what to do about it

My dear friend, the Green Fairy (yes, that IS her name), came by the Nilsalon today and bought one of my shirts. The collection is called "There's a Monster on my t-shirt and I dunno what to do about it." All the shirts are unique, none is ever sold twice. The back is not empty either. But there'll be a post about my shirts soon anyways, and I don't wanna tell you everything up front.

Just know that The Green Fairy is as magical as she sounds!

A Product a Day: Day #8

Alina Saavedra-Santis of the third semester is going to sell her so called wi-shirts. The shirts are made of simple geometrical forms, such as triangles and rectangles. There are 3 designs available and all can be worn on both sides (inside out and outide, well, out). Colours are red, camel, grey, black and white, material used is jersey.

Hetzendorf Weihnachtsbaazar 2nd Dec. 4pm

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Last month I was visiting my sister in Hamburg. It was my first time in Hamburg ever. I didn't go out very much, oposed to my other city visits. It was different because it was sorta coming home-ish to me, because my sister was there. I'm used to go away for a week or two and then return to my sister and not go away to see my sister and return without her.
We spend a lot of time indoors watching telly in her room. Her room is very oldfashioned (in a good way). It has a lot of flowery lamps in it, a red sofa and a single bed. It also has a table and a closet and some chairs of course.
Generally my sister left in the morning to go to work and I would lurk around midday till my sisters lunchbreak. After lunch with my sister I'd wander about in her area, Sternschanze, where all the Hipsters are. I found a cool recordstore near her place and bought two CocoRosie vynils. I also found a lot of tiny designer stores and second hand shops.
At Kleidermarkt, a huge hall filled with second hand clothes and shoes, I found a grandma sweater and an 80ies shirt/blouse. At another second hand store I found the nicest Burberry coat ever. After I found the Burberry coat I wasn't able to spend money on clothes anymore.
Two days of my visit I only sat in a Café researching for my collection.
But the best times were the evenings I spent with my sister in front of the TV, watching Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana. I miss her so much!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Product a Day: Day #7

Simone-Kathrin Sassmann from the 5th semester sent me these pictures of her beautiful, sophisticated Necklace and Wristband designs. Steatits are wrapped in thin wire. The necklaces and wristbands will be available in different colour, either in a set or individualy.

Hetzendorf Weihnachtsmarkt 2nd Dec. 4pm

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Monday, November 21, 2011


There was a mistake with the dates. Sorry for the confusion!

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Product a Day: Day #5

patterned envelopes and christmas cards

Necklace made of jersey with cones available in different colours or all white

key fob made of felt with sewed on fabric (available in different styles)

Nostalgic Hangers

Necklace with knitted parts

Wristband with knots (can also be worn as headband or necklace)

Let me introduce you to Johanna Pretsch, an obviously very ambitious student from the first semester. This time I put the product names/description below the pictures for obvious reasons.

I know how technically it's Day #6 but since it was impossible for me to post the other day, you gotta let this one slide. On the other hand I gave you six products today, so you can't really say anything.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Product a Day: Day #4

Clarissa Fritzsche from the first semester designed and crafted these featherd hairbrooches. They'll be available with guena fowl and pheasant feathers. Other materials are silver wire and felt.

Hetzendorf Weihnachtsbazaar 2nd December 4pm

City of the famous unsheltered
















Yesterday I noticed that I never gave you anything about my trip to Los Angeles. It was horrifying, beatiful and astounding all at once. The first three days I was simply shocked by all the crazy and homeless people on the street. It seemed to me as everybody in the city was either unemployed, a drug-abuser or homeless. Most of them were all at once I guess. Sad as it is, I got used to that and came around to really liking the city.
That's probably because I met so many awsome people! A piece of advice: Never go there without knowing anyone. It's fine if you don't have a car or a drivers license, but know people! I don't think I would've liked L.A. very much without my friends. Also, there are certain places you cannot go alone. And don't ever walk down 3rd street. My friends lived in Downtown, which is mostly like a city of all the L.A. parts.
Check out Getty Center. It takes you forever to get there by bus but once you're there it's pretty cool. Make sure to be there at sunset. Once it's dark you can see all the L.A. citylights and the Downtown skyline with all the smog is so very beautiful.