Friday, November 18, 2011

A Product a Day: Day #5

patterned envelopes and christmas cards

Necklace made of jersey with cones available in different colours or all white

key fob made of felt with sewed on fabric (available in different styles)

Nostalgic Hangers

Necklace with knitted parts

Wristband with knots (can also be worn as headband or necklace)

Let me introduce you to Johanna Pretsch, an obviously very ambitious student from the first semester. This time I put the product names/description below the pictures for obvious reasons.

I know how technically it's Day #6 but since it was impossible for me to post the other day, you gotta let this one slide. On the other hand I gave you six products today, so you can't really say anything.

Make sure to be at Hetzendorf Weihnachtsmarkt 2nd November 4pm

Also sign our petition to save the University. And come to our party.

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