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Last month I was visiting my sister in Hamburg. It was my first time in Hamburg ever. I didn't go out very much, oposed to my other city visits. It was different because it was sorta coming home-ish to me, because my sister was there. I'm used to go away for a week or two and then return to my sister and not go away to see my sister and return without her.
We spend a lot of time indoors watching telly in her room. Her room is very oldfashioned (in a good way). It has a lot of flowery lamps in it, a red sofa and a single bed. It also has a table and a closet and some chairs of course.
Generally my sister left in the morning to go to work and I would lurk around midday till my sisters lunchbreak. After lunch with my sister I'd wander about in her area, Sternschanze, where all the Hipsters are. I found a cool recordstore near her place and bought two CocoRosie vynils. I also found a lot of tiny designer stores and second hand shops.
At Kleidermarkt, a huge hall filled with second hand clothes and shoes, I found a grandma sweater and an 80ies shirt/blouse. At another second hand store I found the nicest Burberry coat ever. After I found the Burberry coat I wasn't able to spend money on clothes anymore.
Two days of my visit I only sat in a Café researching for my collection.
But the best times were the evenings I spent with my sister in front of the TV, watching Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana. I miss her so much!

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