Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is a fucking outrage!

Der Standard schreibt böse Sachen über Hetzendorf! This screams for a RIOT!

For my non-germanspeaking readers:
This is an article on my University in Austrias daily Newspaper. It's really mean and untrue and everyone is outraged. They want to shut down our beloved fashiondepartment (which is generally speaking my Uni).
Protest with us!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Austrian Designers #1: Mark&Julia




Photography- Katarina Balgavy,
Hair/Make-up- Marlene Hoffmann,
Model- Kathi h.@Stellamodels

This is the first "episode", so to say, of a new series on Austrian Fashion designers.
Mark&Julia are a Vienna based design duo who claim that they are simply meant to work together.

"After deciding on a concept, we both take to our sheets and start drawing", Julia told me in an email. She also told me they were inspired by the 90ies, Ace of Bace, Banana-bags, cleopatra, natural colours, cords and many many more things for this collection. They then compare and conclude their designs on paper. This works so well because both have the same sense of aesthetics. Another important part of them working together, is that they inspire each other alot. Julia added that some of their designs develop whilst the sewing prozess.
By the way, Mark&Julia met during fashion school where they soon realized that they will be working together one day.

Soon you will be ablo to buy Mark&Julia pieces at NotJustALabel.
They presented their latest Collection, "Bound", at Berlin's FW "Show0711" and at "the edged showroom" at glaushaus in Kreuzberg, Berlin. They also won the "evoque style contest" in Munich and flew to Paris to shoot an editorial with some other designers for qvest Magazine. Mark&Julia also took part at the international exposition "Vision" in Copenhagen. Next stop will be Vienna Fashion Week.

To have a look at Mark&Julia's first collection (Trigonomia) go to their page.
And don't forget to check out their showroom at Vienna Fashion Week if you happen to be there. I won't be, because I'll be in Los Angeles.
But another off topic thing: On Wednesday Istanbul Fashion Week starts and I might keep you updated if I find the time.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm working on a new design, but you can still view everything.