Saturday, March 16, 2013

I went to Egypt again!

This year my family and I went to Cairo and Alexandria. I ate so much of my favourite food that I was sick for a week. Imagine a bowl of soup made for 15 people and me eating three quaters of it. It was worth the pain.

On our way to Alexandria we stopped at a koptic tempel where monks make olive oil and cheese and furniture. Because my family is crazy we bought 8 liters of olive oil and another liter for me seperately because I live in a different country and also need olive oil.
This time we didn't do as many crazy purchases as all the other times. We bought 12 identical rings, 8 meters of fabric (which makes sense because I need that) and I think that's pretty much it. My mum wanted to buy me a table with spongebob on it so it'd go with my bag, but then she forgot about it.

I've also been to an underground party with young people for the first time ever in Egypt. We drank some sort of Whiskey and egyptian Stella beer.

Oh yeah and fresh mangojuice!

(Yeah I only go to Egypt to eat and buy stuff, deal with it.)

Now I'm hungry.

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