Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Money change

Since I'm flying to London tomorrow, I thought it would be nice to have your euroes changed in Pounds. As a matter of fact, you always get millions of twenties and tenners at the bank, because, apparently brits don't have fifties or hundreds (not over here at least). When I left the bank, I had an envelope full of money and felt very drugdealerish. (I love envelopes full of money!) Anyways, the day got by and I finally came to packing, noticing my dad took the perfact suitcase to egypt! But I found that very cool, old suitcase that we must have since forever. Problem is, it's a very very tiny tiny suitcase, and this is mainly a shopping trip. Being a bit crazy I took measurements of my other small suitcase/bag and it is smaller than the max. hand luggage is allowed to be! So I'm having my handbag in my old suitcase and I am using my suitcase/bag as my hand luggage just to be sure to be able to buy enough clothes for 20 people (I'm just buying clothes for me by the way). The interesting part of the whole buying-clothes thing is that my mother recently told me I was crazy because my closet is the biggest one in the flat and there don't fit anymore clothes in.
Ah! Sorry, I got carried away again. Back to the money: So I had all these tenners and twenties and two fivers and I though, now I could do something I always wanted to do! Something even more drugdealerish, and here is what I did!

There! See how small those suitcases are?! And this is ALL I am taking with me. Towel, Pyjamas, underwear, socks, Treggings, two t-shirts and a dress.

I am not going to be able to blog while I'm in London, but you're going to get a HUGE post afterwards! Promise!

Btw, my band is playing on 13th February at Camera Club "Homo in Heaven Valentines Special" in Vienna, be there, or book us at your city! Or tell everyone in your city to book us!

xxx Ghostoffashion


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