Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Burberry Porosum Fall 2010

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I really like the fact that these (or most of these) clothes actually look pretty warm (and some even cozy). I bet your feet won't freeze in those amazing shoes, but maybe you're better off wearing something underneath the lace-blouse.
I like the shades of blue in this collection, not so much the greens and browns. But I'm not at all a brown person and after all, blue is the most popular colour on this planet.
I think my favourite piece in this collection is the dark green sewater/shirt in the last picture (though I have to say, the skirt makes me wanna puke).

There's one thing I will never understand: The hype on over the knee boots. I hardly ever see a pair I like. So far, I found one pair that I liked. I think it was either YSL or LV. Or something completely different.
All in all, I have to admit, I liked the SS 2010 collection better. But thumbs up for keeping us warm next fall!

xxx Ghost of Fashion

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