Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Like every other blogger, I have to.

So this is the new Spring 2011 collection.
I have to be honest and tell you, that I really was afraid the label is going to change completely. But it didn't and that makes me happy. You still see some clear Mcqueenness, though slightly softened (eg. shoulders).
What I think rather interesting is how all the pieces lay somewhere between Press-pieces and normal pieces meant for selling. Take for example the corn dress. Do you think it's meant for selling or for attention? Or the dress in the first picture. The only person who'd pull that off is probably Lady Gaga, though I'm not sure, these are her colours.
Anyways, Sarah Burton did a great job here and is continuing McQueens work perfectly.


  1. wow, I was a great fan of McQ and its good to see his label continued and being evolved. awesome job.

  2. feeling a little fuckness here...