Thursday, September 30, 2010

Claudia Skoda

Claudia Skoda '10

Claudia Skoda '00

Claudia Skoda '90
Claudia Skoda '70/'80

Claudia Skoda '70

Claudia Skoda is a german Knitwear Designer, she started her line in the 70ies, being part of Berlins punk underground-scene. She was the first one to bring Knitwear into High Fashion.
Her fashion shows in that time haven't been about some thin models walking down the catwalk, they were about performance. For her "Big Birds" Show she wanted the models to go to the zoo to look what birds looked like flying, so they could imitate the birds motions on the catwalk. To look up more on her Collections and her current Collection, go to her homepage here.

On that occasion I also want to announce that I'm officially a fashion design student from now on. I made it, I got in Fashion Uni, and that's why I've been absent almost all month. It was so much work, getting in, that I forgot about friends, family and blogging. I'm sorry, and I'm going to try to post more, now that I'm a fashion design student. I might also give you a little insight into the studies.

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