Monday, October 11, 2010

I totally forgot to show off my new Glasses!

I have new glasses! I can actually see with them! I hate my contacts! I have a new ugly shirt! I got it from a big scandinavian boy and it was even to big for him. Haha!

Here's the dialougue between me and the saleswoman (D is for Dalia and S is for Saleswoman):

D: "I'd like to buy those glasses, please."
S: "Are you aware that those gasses are for old people?"
D: "Yes, but they suit me!"
S: "Please, try them on for me, I can't believe you..."
D is trying on the glasses and S stares at her with disgust.
S: "Are you sure you want to buy those glasses?"
D: "Still a yes, please."
S: "Okay...."

I don't think she sells alot, though.

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