Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pratersauna Backyardsale

This Saturday and Sunday Backyardsale takes place once more at the fabulous Pratersauna. With labels and shops such as: K[O]R, Kawayan, American Apperal (up to -75%), What about the future (pop-up store), Zapateria, Wood Wood Store, Common People, Björn Borg, Polyklamott, and a decent amount of private sellers, selling vintage clothes and their own collections.
Backyardsale is not just abbout buying discount clothes, there's also a hige exhibition on Austrian street-artists. There are a bunch of very interesting Graffity-Artists. For further information, look at the Facebook page: Backyardsale and the Event, or go to the homepage.
See you there.

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