Friday, January 13, 2012

Majesty Snowbird








Today I saw snow for the first time this winter. Yesterday I was outside with nothing on but jeans, t-shirt and cardigan. I wasn't cold at all. Today snow has been blowing outside my window like crazy.
I always tell people that I don't like snow. I really don't like snow. It's not so much snow itself. But when you live in the city for a great part of your life, you just don't like snow. It get's all mushy and grey and disgusting and it ruins your shoes. Well, the salt on the snow does. And I will always be afraid of an endless winter (meaning till April). I'm a summer person. It might be because I was born in summer or because my father is from Egypt. I dunno and I don't care. Snow is a beautiful thing when it's new or you live on the countryside. I remember the snow on the countryside. (I'm hardly ever on the countryside, because I am also a city person.) It is a very beautiful and interesting thing, with all it's shapes and textures. Anyways, I am afraid this winter will last till my birthday because it has just started today.

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