Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yusuke Maegawa

You've guessed right. He's Japanese born and completed his MA at Central Saint Martins in London. Actually I think he gratuated last year or something like that. I'm not sure. Anyways, look at that!
I bet you've guessed right again. I LOVE THOSE SHOES! I think they're really easy to make for yourself. All you need is some sort of Creeper-like pair of shoes, or you just take normal Chucks or any Chuck-like thing (whatever you get hold of really) and add soles (platforms that is) to them. I can't really tell you what material to use, but hey, here's someone who does, apparently she's using a foam soling material (whatever the hell that is. I make my platforms of wood, but this could be a better idea). Where was I? Right. You've got your shoe base. Now you take ANY fabric and rip it or cut it (you may even hem it if you're boring) and either sew or stick it on your shoe like the wild animal you are (or whatever they say) until nothing of the original shoe can be seen and then you can attach some spikes...or not. See, pretty easy. Oh and please use something like Patex which is some kind of contact adhesive (or the fabric won't stick there for long).

PPS: I think I might want that jeans mini. I don't really like jeans but that looks really good. Mission: search through fabric and see if you got enough of that wonderful organic jeans left!

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