Saturday, May 14, 2011

That Indigo shoe.

Ya'll can be proud of me because I'm with the last 5 poeple to win the Indigo competition. We 5 have to produce what we designed and then someone should be winning. On thursday I got my fabrics.
Actually I handed in 3 different designes for shoes, I only have a picture of the one that got chosen, my professor has the other 2 designes. My winning design was inspired by the chemical formula of Indigo. It consists of hexagons and pentagons, so I took them as the pattern for my shoe. Pretty easy.

Indigo is the oldest way to dye fabrics. It's about a 5 week process and there are only a few Indigo dyers left in Europe, infact Mr. Koo (that's the guy who asked us to take part in his competition) is the last one to remain in Austria.

The produced designs will also be presented at our finals show on June 11th, check here to be updated.

You should also check out my other blog, the one I run with this girl. And talking about blogs: If you like music, you'll love this (It's partly in german though).

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