Monday, February 28, 2011

Drawing Fashion

Before I say anything else, I'll say this: Forgive my rare posting! I'm a busy, and also lazy little girl.I have way too much on my hands with University, though I'm working on nothing and everything at th same time. It's a bit odd.
However, I wanted to tell you about an exhibition everyone probably already knows everything about and has seen, and blah blah. Anyways, Drawing Fashion is (or maybe took) place at Londons Design Museum. As a fashion design student with an high interest in Illustration I had to go there. Actually this exhibition was one of the reasons for me to visit London again. (Fashion Week not so much, what I kinda regret.) If you live in London and haven't seen this exhibion: GO THERE! It's worth your 6 Pounds. It is fascinating how fashion was illustrated over the years, from the 1920ies to now. You have a wide range of different artists, videos that show their working process and very old examples of Vogue (not to touch though).

On another note: I designed a new pair of shoesies today. Heels with a plexiglas platform. It will take me ages to finish them, though my deadline'll be the 12th April because I'm taking part at a competition (yes, another one). I can feel how those heels will cost m all my nerve (and my mums money, but nah), I see how I'll hate myself for choosing to make a plexiglas platform! Why did I design them? Am I crazy? I will not ever wear them. BUT there'll be an exhibition/fashionshow at the end (actually before the end) of term, and they'll be exhibited at the competition, and if I win I'll be rich.

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  1. Have you ever wondered about the work it takes for a garment to be produced and sold? The fashion designer may create the concept, but hosts of people get it ready for retail.