Monday, November 8, 2010

The Crown Hat

This is the first thing I did. It's plain wire wrapped and knotted around a hat mould, unfortunately it lost a little bit of it's original form due to transportation.

I took the same hat mould to try and get some wire netting into hatform aswell. This was just a piece of net that was lying around. It didn't even have the right colour and it was too broken anyways.
So I went to the shop and bought new wire netting. This has exactly the same colour as the wire butit was a bit harder than the tryout net and my fingers soon began to hurt, although I was using pliers. Didn't help it much, but I really like the outcome. I still have to solder/braze the ends of the net to the very thin wire I wrapped around the end of the brim to secure it.

Then I simply pulled the first hat/helmet on the net-hat and voila! I got a very pretty wire hat.

Just another picture to show the original colour. You can also see that little project I'm working on for university. It's just silouettes with other silouettes I created on them. It's my semester project, I'm probably going to post about that sometime too, but I'm at the very beginning and I don't even know what I'm going to design clothes or interiors anyways or maybe both. There are juts so many possibilities.

PS.: I'm working on a pair of shoes right now, but I won't have any pictures untill next monday. Check in for updates on that sometime next week!

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