Monday, July 19, 2010

My first evuur make-up post!

Please ignore the Gossip poster in the back, I dunno why I hung it up. I'd bother to take it off if it wasn't so high up! I do not like Gossip.
I was listening to Dvendra Banhart and looking up pictures of him all evening and he inspired me to this make-up. I really like how it turned out, the only problem is, I'm heading out in (literally) 5 minutes to have a few drinks and watch Eclipse with my friends. (I'm not really sure I want to be sober watching that piece of shit, though I have been looking forward to this for months now. I'm so excited! I really am!)
Anyways, the make-up: As I told you, I just came back from a holiday and we made a little trip to Italy, and we ended up in Sephora (which doesn't exsist in Austria). There I found the ugliest and best eyeshadow-set of all times (neon colours and other ugly things, awsome) and bought it (duh!). I haven't really tried the other neon colours yet, but I'm really happy with the other colours. I'm sorry for the photobooth pictures though, my camera's battery is empty.

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