Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hetzendorf Fashionshow

I know, I know, the Fashionshow was weeks ago, but a girls gotta go on holidays too! I've been to a (as the ice cream gigollo put it) "dead fucking pussy place" in istra, croatia. The Internet hasn't yet been invented there, we didn't find one bloody internet - café! It was a nice week of doing nothing anyways. The weeks before have been very stressful for me, so I was happy to lay around at the beach doing nothing. Well, I'm going to stop talking/writing now. I hope you like what the Austrian fashion-schools are doing. I picked out my favourites of course.

For the graduation show of the Hetzendorf fashion design university go to Miss Viki's blog.

All pictures by me, copyright reserved for Ghost of Fashion.

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  1. yes the favourites .......hihi hats hats and more feathers on the heads <3<3<3<3 thanks darling