Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Istanbul Fashion Week

The best reporter at Fashion Week (©Joanna Ka):

Last week was Fashion Week in Istanbul. Though I never really understand why Fashion Week is called Fashion Week. It's not actually taking place in the span of a week, but rather in the span of a couple of days. But then again "Couple of days of Fashion" doesn't sound so fancy.

You probably wonder why I only have one actual catwalk picture. I do have more. Blurry messes. This might not have happened if I would have thought to bring my camera the first day, my camera's SD card the second day, or charged my battery the third day. Also, the Fashion wasn't really that interesting. There was one show I really liked and I saw about, I dunno, 8, 10 maybe. (This show was on the day I didn't have any battery). I had a lot of fun photobombing with my spongebob bag, sit-dancing with my friends and slack off posh people anyways.

Photography ©Dalia von Wegen if not stated otherwise.

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