Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shoes in Progress

For now this must look like nothing to you, also you have to think that I smeared glue all over it, and yes, you are right, but I haven't found any other possible way yet, when you do please inform me imediatly. The show isn't next to finished at all! I didn't sew any of the pieces together nor have I started on the platform at all! The platform will be made out of arcrilyc glas and I have no idea how to make that but I guess I'll just do it. All in all the shoes will be about 11-13 cm high.

On another note: I have not much to tell you about my London-trip other than that I ignored Fashion Week, took about 6 pictures (not worth seeing) and got my arm signed by Faris Rotter from The Horrors (I might show you that picture after all).

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