Thursday, December 23, 2010

Well, this is something else

As you can see, this is not the usuall Karaokes Show. My bandmates were ill or not reachable, so my friend Esther took over. She was amazing! We had to put on the show minutes before actually performing, because it was a (very) short notice thing. This time we didn't have a DJ, but an actual Karaoke-Machine. On New Year's Eve we're going to play at Pratersauna again, with a Karaoke Machine, everyone is allowed to sing after our show!
Meanwhile, Merry Christmas, Hanukka, or happy not-having-a-holiday-day. Whatever, I'm out.

PS.: Yes, I was wearing a Turban, a REAL one, not that scarf-shit they sell as Turbans. The rest of the clothes are not very exciting, it's just Zara and H&M, plus my vintage shoes and a bit of selfmade, selfbought jewelry.

Photography: © Kind einer Mutter

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